Contact Information

Renier van Vuuren:  0026 096843456
Jack Shuma:  0026 0977786648
Dr Johns Nyirongo:  00260977679072

Renier Snr:  0027 785230629
Renier Jnr:  0027 825556866

Po Box FW 446, Freedom Way, Lusaka, Zambia

Mission Statement
Genetics Breeders Zambia (GBZ) Ltd provides an integrated support service for small scale and commercial livestock farmers to establish sustainable economic enterprises and promote the livestock industry in Zambia

Our Vision
Genetics Breeders Zambia (GBZ) Ltd aims to see genetics in Zambia thrive to excellence and span out its full economic contribution to the Zambian farming community.



Supply of high quality breeding livestock that include among others:
Dairy breeds: Jersey, Friesians, Holsteins
Beef breeds: Angus, Hereford, Brahman, Bonsmara and 17 other breeds
  ■  Goats: Boer Goats
Sheep: Dorper and Meatmaster
Pigs: Large White, Landras and Duroc
Chickens: Bosch and local chickens


  ■  Farm strategic planning and integrated management
  ■  Breeding programs development
  ■  Training our client pre-supply
  ■  Herd selection for breeding or other purposes
  ■  Farm performance testing services

  ■  Animal nutrition and health services
  ■  Fertility testing
  ■  Artificial insemination services and related equipment
  ■  Pregnancy diagnosis
  ■  Supply of veterinary drugs and sanitary chemicals
  ■  Supply of milking equipment including milking machines

Our Strategy

1.       Farmer support
  ■  Identification of prospective area and farmers to enhance the success rate.
  ■  Provide an after delivery service to beneficiaries of livestock programs.
  ■  Design and conduct a training program for farmers.
  ■  Provide an effective management support service to farmers including farm, herd management programs and value addition.
  ■  Form strategic partnerships with industry players (Governments, NGOs, funding agents and farmer associations).
  ■  Establish and/or developed marketing channels.

2.       Genetic improvement

  ■  Heard profiling and introduction of production and productivity enhancement genetics.
  ■  Introduce record system for progress tracking.
  ■  Environmental assessments to match breeds and breed types to prevailing environmental constraints, production systems, and market
  ■  Introduce fertility testing and culling programs.
  ■  Introduce an artificial insemination program and related management support services.

3.       Input and equipment supply

  ■  Livestock feeds and feed additives
  ■  Veterinary drugs and dairy plant sanitizers
  ■  Semen straws and semen handling equipment
  ■  Milking machines, milking buckets and cans, stainless steel sieves and milking hobbles (chains).
  ■  Mobile spray risk, mobile handling facility.

Genetics Breeders Zambia is the franchisee for the following products:

  ■  CIPLA/Agrimed - animal health care
  ■  Molatek - livestock feeds
  ■  Inqwaba - pregnancy testing
  ■  CRV Holland/X-seed - supply of semen
  ■  Taurus - supply of semen

Appointed as representative for:

  ■  Kanhym - pig production, representative
  ■  Jersey Breeders Society of South Africa - breed development, representative

Associated members

  ■  R. Van Vuuren  
  ■  J. Shuma    
  ■  Dr F. Kars 
  ■  Dr J van der Westhuizen
  ■  S. Greyling   
  ■  Dr A. Van der Walt      
  ■  Dr B. Mostert        
  ■  Dr Johns Nyirongo

Project leader, farm planning and management
Project co-ordinator
Project development, livestock breeding and performance testing
Performance and progeny testing
A.I and training in dairy and beef
Fertility testing and semen collection
Genetics and livestock breeding
A.I project co-ordinator and general veterinary services

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